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Lost in Neverland

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I have seen your heart and it is mine.
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At first I thought you were a constellation
I made a map of your stars, then I had a revelation:
You’re as beautiful as endless,
You’re the universe I’m helpless in
An astronomer at my best
When I throw away the measurements

Like a telescope,
I will pull you so close
’Til no space lies in between

I was a billion little pieces
’Til you pulled me into focus
Astronomy in reverse,
It was me who was discovered

Sleeping at Last, Venus (via hislivingpoetry)

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“On nights like these
I think of you
and how you left me with
a paper cut heart.
Tiny slits across the most
vulnerable parts of the whole
and I almost bled out
with your back to me
until I remembered to apply pressure
in order to stop the bleeding.
You turned my hands into burning buildings
that set fire to everything I touch
and there are scars on my door knobs
from all the times I have left and
all the times I have decided to come back.
I am learning how to heal all the
wounds you opened on me.
I paint the walls of my body
with gentle touches.
I am learning how
to heal myself.”

A.Y // open wounds
(via 2wentysixletters)

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The cycle begins..

When you figure out who you are, you realize why life is how it is. There’s a lot of lessons to learn.
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